Catarina Eduardo

Catarina is an artist based in Grândola. Since childhood, she felt the need to create and learn about different aspects of her artistic expression.
Literature is one of the disciplines of greatest interest, which she believes is related to the fact that she persued humanities degree in Highschool.
After finishing humanities, she began to develop curiosity about photography as a visual expression.
This led her to explore its history and learn about its evolution.
She decided to take a photography course, so she could express her ideas in a visual format.
Although the photography course was biased to a contemporary line, she does not consider this to be her main focus, as she strives to explore various photography techniques.
Catarina is still discovering her artistic self which encouraged her to explore different mediums for her art.
She gives extreme importance to freedom of expression and intends to become a multidisciplinary artist, choosing her own working materials to do so.
Instagram - adagyum