(‘’The Nightmare’’ by the 18th century Anglo-Swiss painter Henry Fuseli. This painting is believed to be associated with sleep paralysis)
 ''Sleep paralysis (SP) is a common psychological condition that affects approximately 7.6% of the general population during their lifetime. It is a state associated with the inability to move while being conscious which occurs when an individual is about to wake up or fall asleep. This experience is usually accompanied by hallucinations.''
     Both paintings in '' Liquid Canvas'' collection were inspired by this condition. They are an attempt to visually represent the sensation perceived in this experience.
     From an astral perspective or an hallucination, "Poison" is the representation of the shadow world. Visions of a low light land, that dashed through an unsettling awaken mind, stuck in a sleeping body.
     As the waves appease, "Ocean" represents the calm after the storm.
The water that gives life to a vessel, washing away the dust, that was weighting on, to finally soothe the soul.
     The technique used to conceive these paintings, is inspired by an historical Japanese technique called Suminagashi. Suminagashi 墨 流 し or “floating ink” is the art of traditional Japanese marbling, using  water and ink to create peculiar patterns and effects. The practice of this technique can be meditative helping you to quiet and focus the mind.